Does your diet seems to be a roller coaster? Stopping the ride


It is time to stop the ups and downs of the diet. No dieting. There are simple adjustments you can make foods that allow you to eat, drink and just enjoy the social aspect of the meal. In addition, to improve their health habits and lifestyle forever.

The diet should be seen as a daily option. Make conscious decisions about what you put in your mouth every day. Nobody said it was easy decisions, because God knows we are surrounded by temptations of food every day. In addition, we live in a culture that celebrates all with food. So how can live a “normal” life and maintain the body you want?


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Take small steps

It is time to stop the ups and downs of the roller coaster diet. If you try out all your regular eating habits at once, it will seem torture and rebellion will be much greater than if made small changes in time. We are creatures of habit.

Restaurant meals. Learn to manipulate the menu in your favor

My mother is diabetic. One day I told my diet would be good for her. She was mad at me and said:

“I will not give up the quality of my life.”

I replied,

“I did not know that the quality of your life is determined by food”.

After internalizing what he said, I realized it was something else. I had to live parts of my life in preparation for bodybuilding, unable to participate fully in family or birthday parties with food or drinks events because my diet was prescriptive. It sucks.

I realized that millions of people associate their quality of life by being able to eat and enjoy the meal with loved ones. It is a social connection.

Nobody wants to stop going to eat with family and friends or socialize at happy hour because they are on a “diet”. Therefore, it does not have to be on a diet, when you know what foods and beverages to avoid or how to make substitutions are food and beverages.

Here are some tricks to use in different restaurants:

  • Hamburger: Peel off the top of the bun to make a hamburger open face, even if that means twice as much meat. Skip the fries. The double protein is better than carbohydrates.
  • Panda Express: Get a bowl with half steamed vegetables, rice half and look for healthier meat options.
  • Metro: Order your sandwich with double meat. I can choose the meatball sandwich and place the meatballs in a cup. I actually do not eat bread. Why not order a salad?
  • Pei Wei: If you have not tried the traditional chicken Lettuce Wraps is they are losing. No rice involved, but a tasty meal is obtained.
  • Chipolata: Ask for half the rice and only a handful of cheese. Skip the sour cream. The sauce is salty, but at least is made of fresh vegetables.
  • Soft drinks: Tea trumps soda all day. Or opt for water. Ask your server for a bowl of lemons. Use lemons and a packet of stevia to make lemonade. Very refreshing.
  • Alcohol: If you plan to have drinks like vodka and soda (not Sprite). Bring the taste of sugar – free water you can buy at your local grocery store and add a fruity touch. Skip all creamy drinks and drinks with high sugar content.

I am not here to tell you that carbohydrates are an enemy. Actually you needed, but should not eat processed, refined carbohydrates or sugars devour. These are the murderers in the diet and are highly addictive.


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Decisions of changes at home to encourage everyone, including children

What is not available in your home you cannot eat. Do not make your bad habit food available for yourself. In moments of weakness, you will eat them. It is more difficult if you have children, but they should not be fed with all the trash either.

Substitutions food at home

  • Is Texas, tortillas are a staple. However, you can get low-carb tortillas. My kids even eat peanut butter and jelly on them.
  • Switch to Stevia. It is 100% better than artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin. Cook with it. Use it in your drinks.
  • Many baked goods can be made with applesauce instead of sugar. You still get some carbohydrates and sugar; it is significantly less than if your dessert is made with refined sugar.
  • Pasta is a simple change. Go with whole grain pasta, or you can now find the bean paste and lentils. Google it! I’m not sure if it qualifies as pasta, but replaces the pasta, has fewer carbohydrates and fiber.
  • No fruit juice. It’s horrible for you. You drink extreme amounts of carbohydrates and sugars. It’s not good for you or your family. Make your own fruit infused water.

Train your body to stay away from sugar and carbohydrates

Your body actually becomes addicted, addicted to carbohydrates and sugar.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2013) measured brain activity when they were given the high-glycemic carbohydrates, men aged between 18 and 35 years. Brain activity in regions that involve reward and desire lit, showing that foods such as potatoes, sugar and processed grains are highly addictive. Your brain actually rewards you for eating them. The same regions of the brain light up when you have addictions to nicotine and narcotics.


The roller coaster diet is full of ups and downs. It’s time to get off the ride forever. It’s all about making small steps every day, which lead to longevity in regards to their health. The long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle are much higher than the temporary satisfaction that some foods seem to bring. Start making permanent changes to not suffer the consequences of an unhealthy life in the future.

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