What Adderall alternatives can be taken for studying?

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The prescription of study-enhancing drugs is an easy resort nowadays for quick learning and better grades, and yes, these drugs are very effective. But these Adderall are artificial and has several long-term side-effects on mind and body. Alternatively, there are these natural ‘potions’ for your brain health and vitality which will never have any harmful effects later on. Let’s enlighten a few Adderall alternatives :

Transcendental Meditation

Also called as the ‘science of creative intelligence’, it is a technique in which you need to repeatedly chant a specific Sanskrit mantra or a particular phrase from it, in mind for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis and regular practice of this meditation gives oneself relaxation from stress and anxiety. This technique dates its origin from Vedic Age and is very effective for attaining self-harmony, deep concentration, enhanced creativity, inner joy and vitality.

Aerobic Exercise

Our organs need blood flow through them for functioning properly and for that oxygen are required. When we are talking about Adderall alternatives, Aerobics like walking, running or cycling boosts our oxygen intake and stimulates blood flow. The brain is our tool for concentration, remembering, focus and attention and increased blood flow will boost up its performance. Daily aerobic activity, even in a little amount such as walking for 10-15 minutes, helps in enhancing blood flow through your brain and thus increasing its health and capacity.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

These fatty acids are highly collected in the brain and are essential for the cognitive function of the brain. Sadly, our body does not produce them, so we get them through food. Sources for omega 3 are sea-fishes and other sea foods like algae, krill, some plants and nut oils whereas for omega 6 are sunflower, soy, sesame, corn oil and safflower. A rich diet containing the right ratio of this two fatty acid (usually, omega 6 to be 2-4 times more than omega 3) boosts the formation of new brain cell and increases memory power and focus.


One of the best and beautiful habits that most of us have is drinking coffee. Caffeine is primarily found in coffee along with some other drinks such as red bull, five-hour energy, etc. Studies have revealed that caffeine is an excellent ‘psycho-active’ stimulant that improves cognitive functions and helps you in concentration in long study sessions and better memory.

B12 and Orange Juice

B12 vitamin along with Orange Juice is a ‘fruitful’, natural, safe, non-drug study enhancer for you. Due to its high oxygen usage, the brain is prone to free radical damage. A simple example is: keep an apple cut out in the open and watch it decolourising. That’s free radical damage for you. B12 is a strong anti-oxidant and taking it with orange juice amplifies its digestion and hence the protection of your brain and memory from free radicals. B12 is naturally found in chicken, pork, fish, etc. or form of drugs at any drug or grocery store.


It is a typical form of synthetic supplements meant for cognitive boost known as Racetams. It increases brain metabolism and hence the oxygen intake and blood flow, resulting in better memory functions and it is one of the best Adderall alternatives. Furthermore, Piracetam improves cellular membrane fluidity which explains its benefits as study enhancer. An effective dose of piracetam for an adult would be 1200-4800 mg a day.


It is a peptide and is a type of nootropic drug used for better cognition and is not an Adderall. Peak nootropic Noopept works wonder in increasing concentration by shutting out distractions and noise. These ‘smart drugs’ are not stimulants, unlike Adderall, and are popular for improving memory, creativity and motivation in individuals without any side-effects.

Other stimulants and Natural Supplements

There are lots of stimulants, supplements and nutritions that are used as cognition enhancers. Let’s have a look at the most effective and popular choices: Pycnogenol is a natural pine bark extract and is composed of procyanidins, bioflavonoids, and organic acids that improve attention and concentration and it is fully herbal. Alpha brain is one of the cost effective Adderall alternatives that helps in remembering your learning and is a combo of multiple stimulants and vitamins. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps in retaining memory and cognitive stability. The absence of zinc blocks the blood flow to the brain, allowing toxins to enter the brain and thus Zinc supplements are essential.

Magnesium + Vitamin B6 supplementation

Magnesium directly improves synaptic plasticity in the brain which is associated with learning and memory and hence increases cognitive ability. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble nutrient which helps in the production of neurotransmitters that are responsible for communication between the brain nerve cells and thus a brain booster. These are found in a little amount of food, and so supplementation of these nutrients are vital for brain health.

Lifestyle Changes

Simply consuming study-enhancer drugs won’t be 100% effective if you don’t keep a healthy lifestyle. There are diverse aspects that distract you from your study each and every day. There are few ‘simple’ (most of them are not, but you need to try) dos and don’ts that you must incorporate. Never wait for the eleventh hour, skip parties once in a while, lessen alcohol consumption, hold back from social sites addiction, take power naps, always keep your body hydrated, healthy diets, etc.


A long list! Isn’t it? Well, move ahead with one step at a time. The best step to start with is maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid toxins, preservatives, chemicals from your food and include green vegetables, sources of vitamins in your intake. Any of these advice and supplements will help you only if you want to improve your knowledge and grades and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Remember, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”.

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