The perfect Espresso Guide- Part 1: The setup for your home


Mamma Mia! As soon as perfect espresso meets my palate, the taste buds bloom and, in front of my mind’s eye, I immediately feel transferred to a piazza somewhere in the Italian province. Espresso is pure passion, the essence of coffee.

That’s why I mouthed my unloved capsule machine and switched to a – miraculous – sieve-carrier machine. My expectation was to finally can enjoy this experience in their own four walls. I tested and failed. Cups of horrible coffee. And by doing so, I’ve even gotten better cup by cup, sometimes even come close to the ultimate “God shot” with extra portion caffeine. Now it is time to pass on my experiences: So, you brew as a beginner at home the perfect Espresso! Read in part 1: The ideal espresso set-up for your home

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Perfect espresso?

The Instituto Nazionale has done us the favor to define perfect espresso and to express it in norms.

Espresso is the drink obtained by forcing adequately pressurized hot water through coffee powder.

  • Portion size: 7 g ± 0.5
  • Water temperature: 88 ° C ± 2 ° C
  • Drinking temperature in the cup: 67 ° C ± 3 ° C
  • Water pressure: 9 bar ± 1
  • Lead time: 25 seconds ± 5 seconds
  • Quantity: 25 ml ± 2.5

Oh – and the cream is perfect when it keeps a piece of sugar at least 3 seconds. That would be all clear. Or?

Why Espresso? And not latte, Americano or cappuccino?

Just as well you might wonder why you cannot dilute cola with tap water.

I have completely refused coffee for years. Too bitter, too sour. Then I tried to improve the taste with as much milk and sugar as possible. Not my case. Filter coffee from the thermos panes (gets you to the hotel breakfast) has increased the distance between me and my favorite drink today even more. Until we have concluded peace, it has lasted forever. Italy, a sunny piazza in the province (yes, you know it already …) and a perfect espresso from a sieve-carrier machine have changed my (coffee) world forever.

Coffee is one of the most aromatic products at all and spoils the palate with over 800 aroma components. Espresso is the puritan essence of this miracle bean. I also do not add sugar to enjoy a taste experience as unadulterated as possible.

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The espresso setup for your own four walls

One thing in advance: despite the existing standards complemented by well-intentioned advice, the perfect Espresso is anything but easy to prepare. The number of parameters that need to be considered is simply too high. Probably also a reason why the “all-round-care-variant” of the capsule coffee machines has been found in almost every household for several years. If it is to go fast, it does. But it is best to get average coffee. And that is not what we want. What we want is perfect espresso at a good price-performance ratio.

There are many types of food. Some swear by filter coffee, others to espresso cookers for the hearth or the French Press. I obtain my desired result with a sieve carrier machine. Almost more important than the machine. Some aromas of the coffee bean are ground away after only a few minutes. Without your own mill, you will never be able to enjoy the full taste. To be able to optimally press the fine coffee grounds in the screen carrier (and to create a uniform surface), it also needs a tamper which looks like a stamp. If only the right kind of coffee beans and of course water are missing – then you can get started.

If you would like to become a hobby barista for less than 300 dollars, I recommend the following setup:

DeLong Dedicate Screen machine: DeLong EC 680.M Dedicate espresso machine (about 160 dollars)

Comebacker EKM 200 with disc grinder (about 50 dollars)

Tamper: Motta Tamper in black color (about 20 dollars)

I have dealt intensively with the ideal setup for me and made my choice so that the budget is sustainable. There are, of course, no limits to the top. You can find on a top 10 ranking of the best. The DeLong Dedicate appears there on rank 3 and is by far the cheapest device in the front seats. Also, has tested 10 machines from the upper price segment and provides good indications for a purchase.

On is also a coffee grinder test to find. The EKM 200 coffee grinder is also listed here as the most favorable variant of an electric coffee grinder and cuts off solidly. However, here too: More (money) also brings more (quality).

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