Rejuvenating facial masks at home


Hello, dear readers! Each of us wants to look younger and more beautiful. But after the winter wind and frost the skin of our face does not look the best way, there are new wrinkles. So it’s time to think about how to bring it into proper condition. Rejuvenating Face Mask – an effective and affordable way to bring back the old aging skin freshness, beauty and youth. Successfully matched the natural mask magically transforms and renews the skin.

The use of facial masks

Rejuvenating masks have the following useful properties:

  • With renewed vigor start sharing mechanism in the cells of the epidermis, promotes the development and accumulation of collagen, elastin, so skin becomes soft and velvety, fine folds and wrinkles disappear
  • Improve skin texture and relief, clean tuberosity whole or in part
  • Increase vitality, improve blood circulation, correct errors age skin

Spend rejuvenating treatments regularly 2 times in 7-10 days. Pick up recipes on the basis of individual susceptibility component mask and the type of your skin.

Rejuvenating facial masks at homeRejuvenating face mask with honey

Rejuvenating mask with honey – and even nourishing and regenerating mask. Whisk the pulp blender banana spoon homemade sour cream, egg yolk, honey. Drip essential oil of pink grapefruit. Put a thick layer on the wetted surface of the face. Wash after half an hour with a warm decoction of chamomile or St. John’s wort.

Clay Facial Mask

A clay mask is applied on the facial wrinkles. Prepare a paste of 2 tablespoons of blue clay. Add a spoonful of fat sour cream, coffee spoon of honey and pour the juice of half a lemon. Lightly treat the resulting compositions skin.

Curd Mask of wrinkles

Curd Mask – a smoothing mask. Connect cottage cheese, warm cream with a spoonful of apricot or olive oil. Pour a spoonful of carrot juice. Put the mixture on the nutritional steamed skin. A particularly well-designed wrinkled areas. Wash off with warm decoction of peppermint or nettle.

Face mask with fruit acids

Recipe mask with fruit acids: whisk blender in equal parts flesh grapefruit, banana, apple and persimmon. Add the egg yolk and a spoonful of plain yogurt. Apply the fruit puree to a clean skin. And quietly lie down for twenty minutes. Wash mineral water.

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Home mask with lifting effect

Visit lifting mask. Pour the milk, low-fat shredded flakes of oatmeal. Add a spoonful of honey, egg yolk, two quail eggs. Drip essential oil of orange and bergamot. Put a useful part of a dense layer on wet skin. Remnants of the mixture, remove with a soft cloth and rinse face decoction of lime.

Potato Mask

Potato Mask is a regenerating mask for skin laxity. Prepare air mixer of boiled mashed potatoes, warm, cream, egg yolk and olive oil. Pour a teaspoon of glycerin.

Mask eyelid skin at home

Smoothing Mask eyelid skin. Pour the pulp of wheat bread warm milk. After 5 minutes, squeeze any excess liquid and add flaxseed oil. Carefully lay out the bread weight forever.

Rejuvenating facial cocktail

Rejuvenating cocktail used for mature skin. Connect the sour cream, rice flour, and pomegranate juice. Stir until smooth and cosmetic brush treat the wet surface of the face and neck.

Universal lifting mask at home

Universal firming mask. Dissolve cornstarch warm yogurt. Add the beaten egg white and 5 drops of jasmine volatile ether. Spread the slurry along the massage lines. Useful duration of the procedure no more than 25 minutes.

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