Do you dare to try the human flag? We help you to do it


The exercise you see in the cover image is called the human flag or human flag and is one of the most complex to execute, however if you dare to try we leave you our help.

Get ready to do it

As you will see, the human flag consists of holding our whole body parallel to the ground for a certain time, holding our arms to a vertical bar, hence the name of the exercise, because the body should resemble a flag on high.

Clearly the movement requires great strength, especially in the arms and mid-body, as well as coordination and good control over each muscle.

Do you dare to try the human flag We help you to do itTherefore, we will never achieve the human flag immediately if not that the practice will make us successful, but before trying, we can prepare ourselves by exercising muscles that are also requested in the execution of the human flag, for example: arms, back and core.

Good exercises that will allow us to prepare ourselves to try the human flag are the dominadas that also mobilize the whole body with muscles of the upper train, or muscle up.

If we execute dominadas, we can take more force realizing them weighted or with extra weight. We can also work the middle zone with different isometric exercises and execute push ups or vertical to prepare correctly before moving to try the human flag.

How to run the human flag

If you have already worked your muscles and gained strength so you feel prepared to try to make the human flag, it is fundamental to first know the correct position for its execution, which will depend a lot on where we try, so we recommend choosing horizontal rails Which facilitate the task in the beginning largely by a vertical bar.

There, it is essential to place the hands firmly, aligned with each other and separated as much as we are comfortable, although ideally they form with the body, a 45 degree angle. We will use a mixed grip to attach to the handrails, that is, one palm of the hand will look back and the other forward of our body.

Once we do not hold correctly, what we must achieve is that the body is maintained aligned, with arms extended, and totally horizontal to the ground, for this, the movement we must perform is to pull with the upper arm and push with the lower, While we contract the middle zone and try to separate the shoulder from the support surface.

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Of course, we will not achieve the human flag just by pushing and pulling with our arms but we will try it by first raising the external leg and then beginning the push.

We can begin to try the final position by making a small jump that will propel us to raise both legs at the same time while holding us both arms. It may also be helpful to bring your feet back by flexing your knees.

Of course, well-done exercise should not be carried out with momentum, so another alternative to learn to climb up the entire body in a controlled manner and descend in the same way is to learn the exercise in reverse, starting from above and Practicing the descent, for which, we will need a partner, as shown in the following video:

Whatever method we use to begin to try, practice and achieve the human flag, it will always be of great importance to be perseverant and patient, for only with practice and time will we achieve good results.

Frequent Errors

The human flag is an exercise as complex as it is effective if done correctly or dangerous if we execute it with bad technique, so, keep in mind the following frequent mistakes and try not to commit them while exercising:

  • To raise the legs or the whole body of insufficient form, without getting to be aligned with the rest of the body, and totally parallel to the ground, so that the arms are both completely extended.
  • Rotate the hip or push the pelvis back or forward, because this movement will misalign the body, leading the legs back or forward, which can overload shoulders and injure us.
  • Take impulse or descend abruptly, because the key to an effective and well-made flag is the control over our body, and the strength that allows us to hold us without having to push or drop us.

With these errors in mind and having above all patience and perseverance, we encourage you to try the human flag with the tips and tricks before given.

Written by Peter

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