Goodbye Allergy with Yoga: Asanas and Pranayama


While in the previous post I was talking about spring asthenia, today I wanted to tell you about how yoga can help allergy sufferers. And it is through asanas, techniques of breathing, relaxation and so on. You will strengthen the immune system (essential to combat allergies), increase your lung capacity and decrease the level of stress caused by allergic episodes.

While traditional medicine has treatments to relieve symptoms: sneezing, itchy nose and/or eyes, constant tearing, nasal congestion, asthma … there is nothing to eliminate the cause so the quality of life of allergy sufferers reduced significantly during these days. So from now on as well as antihistamines, vaccines, etc. You can bead with yoga to deal with pollen, mites, etc.

Allergy with Yoga

Asanas for Allergy

The most propitious positions to control allergy are those that expand the chest and lungs because they maximize lung capacity and decrease the tension of the thoracic muscles. For those of you who are starting the positions of the fish or the cobra are perfect, and for the more advanced the camel, the cicada, the bridge or the inverted positions like the shoulder stop and the plow will help you open the airways. As I always say, before doing them alone at home is convenient to do them before in class with your teacher, as they are only effective if done correctly.

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By performing these asanas you will see how your lung capacity is fully utilized, which promotes breathing and alleviates respiratory problems.

Pranayamas against Allergy

The alternate breathing is indicated for those suffering from allergy, asthma, rhinitis … as it helps in the airway opening. In a sitting position, start by closing the right nostril and inhale deeply from the left, then close the left nostril and exhale on the right. Its benefits are greater when practiced at least twice each day (first thing in the morning and at night).

Another very valuable pranayama technique for those suffering from asthma is Ujjayi as it increases lung capacity, reduces phlegm and strengthens the immune system.

Regular practice of these exercises will help reduce allergic reactions not only to a physical level but also to an emotional and mental level. And remember that in addition to yoga you have natural remedies that will help you during these days (infusions, aromatherapy, etc.)

I hope these tips will help you. Good start to the week!

Written by Peter

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