Benefits of Turmeric in the Fight against Cancer

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We know it by its striking color and its strong flavor, which gives a different touch to the meals. But did you know that turmeric has the ability to fight cancer? In this article, we tell you some of the research related to the properties of curcumin, the main component of this species.

Turmeric, an Ancient Remedy

It is known in different ways (turmeric, Cimarron saffron or stick) and comes from the Curcuma longa plant, native to India. This spice has been used in the region for hundreds of years to flavor foods and is no longer an ingredient that is only used in Hindu dishes but has spread to all parts of the world.

Its medicinal properties have also been recognized. Several scientific studies have been done to know its benefits and in these researchers have attracted attention a benefit of turmeric: it helps to fight cancer.

But it also has the ability to protect the liver from all potential diseases that affect this important organ, especially in the case of liver cirrhosis. This is due to the anti-inflammatory abilities of turmeric.

A publication in the journal Frontiers, in turn, indicated that the spice has many curative properties: it is antimicrobial, antioxidant and antiviral. It also helps to treat degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Curcumin: antitumor properties

Consuming turmeric can assiduously help us avoid cancer. Among the actions of this spice in the body, we can emphasize that it prevents damage to DNA and chronic inflammation. As if it were not enough it reduces the potential problems in the cells.

Studies have shown that curcumin blocks the development of cancer, although it is not yet known what amount of dose is needed to take advantage of these properties. Some doctors indicate that it should be 3.6 grams a day to destroy the mitochondrial cancer cells, disrupt the disease cycle and prevent it from further expanding.

According to new findings, the spice has a unique ability to prevent invasion of cancer cells and spread. It also activates proteins to block the disease naturally and prevent the formation of tumors. Therefore, those people who have already been diagnosed with cancer could use turmeric to prevent metastasis.

Pretreatment with curcumin improves the effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy sessions, especially in ovarian or liver cancer.

A group of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer tested a 400 mg curcumin treatment per day to complement medical techniques. The tumors decreased significantly and there were also no signs of toxicity resulting from consumption of the spice.

Turmeric and breast cancer

The American Cancer Society has published several studies regarding this disease that kills thousands of women each year. Turmeric is one of the “stars” in research to fight this disease.

Scientists explain that curcumin has the ability to increase a process called apoptosis. It basically means that cancer cells self-destruct when the environment in which they are found is not fit for development.

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The mechanism of action of turmeric is quite complex because it implies instantaneous molecular reactions, but basically, it is summarized in a sentence: “if the inflammation lowers cancer improves”.

Doctors say that this spice is interesting as a preventive treatment not to suffer the disease, but also in people who have already had cancer. This is because it acts on stem cells and protects the body from cancer treatments.

How can we take advantage of the benefits of turmeric?

There are several recipes that contain this spice and, in addition to being delicious, allow us to ingest curcumin to prevent cancer. Some options are:


Rice is one of the greatest exponents of Indian cuisine but attention because it is recommended to use for basmati or salted rice, the most nutritious and digestible. Once cooked as usual add a teaspoon of turmeric. Coriander and black pepper can also be added.


Fried or scrambled eggs with a pinch of olive oil are seasoned with a pinch of salt, a little pepper, and turmeric.


Spicy lentils are a widely consumed dish in India. Once they are well cooked, mix with coconut oil, black pepper, and turmeric. The same can be done with chickpeas or beans.


A refreshing drink for the summer can be prepared with the root of the plant. Then add honey or lemon juice. And several ice cubes! If you cheer you also add ground black pepper.


With a banana, honey, lemon and turmeric you have a delicious combination to feed and feel healthier. Add coconut milk and grated ginger.

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