Water, our ally to lose weight


Sometimes we can confuse thirst with hunger and eat more of the bill without reason. When you feel hungry, try first to drink a glass of water. Water, a symbol of purity and life, is a wonderful natural resource whose incredible benefits are often overlooked, perhaps because of its simplicity and humility. However, although we can survive weeks and even months without eating, without this colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid, we would survive only a few days. And it could not be otherwise, because, although we see very strong, our body is made up of 70% water.

This vital substance, by not containing calories or fats, as well as carbohydrates and proteins, in no way causes us to gain weight, but, on the contrary, is a great ally to lose weight.


What’s special about water?

Water is found in the cells of our body and is also circulating in the blood. Ideally, a well-hydrated organism is like a system of clean, crystalline rivers and springs that carry the impurities in its path, but when we do not get enough water, our body is more like a swamp, where water is flooded and does not circulate freely, So waste substances accumulate.

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This causes our drainage system to not function efficiently and, therefore, produces undesirable unsightly effects such as fluid retention and cellulite. However, it is necessary to realize that not all water suitable for consumption is ideal since the water that comes from the pipes contains toxins such as chlorine and fluorine. Therefore, if we want to consume water that actually removes toxins from the body, instead of contributing, it must be filtered or come from natural springs.

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How does water lose weight?

This discrete but efficient liquid is a catalyst for the functions performed by the body, and in particular, participates in processes essential for the maintenance of ideal weight, as we will see below:

  • Water has a diuretic effect, activating the kidneys to produce urine, and in this way, we expel toxins and waste substances out of our body.
  • Water promotes the elimination of harmful elements, stimulating the movements or intestinal peristalsis.
  • Due to the minerals, it contains, water makes our metabolism work properly, favoring the caloric expenditure necessary to maintain the ideal weight.
  • Water consumption causes the body to generate heat, stimulating the metabolism, and consequently, a greater calorie burn.
  • It controls the appetite giving a feeling of fullness.
  • The sensation associated with dehydration can be confused with the feeling of hunger, so, many times, drinking water calms hunger and thus prevents us from eating more than the count.

Making water our primary drink helps us to lose weight since we avoid drinking sugary drinks and high caloric density like carbonated drinks, iced tea, commercial juices and sports drinks. Traditionally, it is recommended to take two liters of water a day, but as each person is unique, and therefore the amount of water that everyone needs to ingest also varies, can be taken as a reference the color of urine.

When it is a bright yellow color (except when certain drugs or supplements that color it are ingested) it means that the urine is very concentrated and, therefore, we are not sufficiently hydrated. In contrast, the pale yellow urine indicates adequate hydration.

We have taken a look at one of the innumerable benefits of this vital liquid, but beyond helping us to keep fit; drinking enough water prevents and relieves endless health conditions, from chronic fatigue, through depression, to High blood pressure.

So do not let your humble appearance fool you and make it your favorite drink.

Written by Peter

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