5 strategies to turn negative into positive

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Taking perspective will help us to see things from another angle and we can weigh the possibilities offered by our new situation to transform the negative into positive.  Do you want to learn to transform the negative into positive? We are surrounded by negativity. However, it is often our perspective and our way of taking things that make things worse or better. For that reason, today we are going to offer you 5 strategies that will help you to be a little happier when everything around you spends negativity So that you know how to transform “the bad” in a way that benefits you.

Strategies to transform the negative into positive

1. Relativize your thoughts

Imagine that you wrote to your best friend and he has seen the message, but he has not answered you. Suddenly, questions begin to appear in your mind about whether he will be angry with you if you have told him something that could have made him feel bad…

What happens at this moment is that you are in error; perhaps nothing that is occurring to you is true. Your friend may be busy, maybe the battery is over just when he saw your message and a thousand more things may have happened.

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So do not take your thoughts as an absolute truth because they are very influenced by the feelings that are being addressed to you at that moment. How true is it that you’re thinking? Ask it with your logical mind and you will see.

2. Reverses reality

A very curious and fun technique to transform the negative into positive is to try to reverse what is happening to you. For example, if you started the day with an “I feel bad”, change this to “I feel really good today”, but you have to believe it.

Repeat it as many times as necessary until you internalize it and be aware that you really did not feel so bad! In reality, you have the power to change the way you see and experience things.

3. In the face of the negative, always have a positive answer

We cannot control everything that happens to us. Maybe tomorrow we get fired from work, that we cannot pay the apartment or that our partner leaves us. However, the worst thing we can do is complain, immerse ourselves in victimhood and nurture that negativity that surrounds us and we are making it much stronger.

How to avoid this? Responding to adversities with positivism. For example, before a possible job dismissal, we can say “this is an opportunity to find another job to help me grow,” or a break “now I can spend much more time and discover what I really want in a relationship”.

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4. Practice mindfulness!

The mindfulness will help you become more positive because one of its features is inviting you to focus on the present moment, rather than living in the past and worrying about the future.

Enough to do this!

With mindfulness you will learn to see your thoughts without judging them, getting them the biggest of the matches, how good they can have.

Many of us are conditioned by what we feel and this prevents us from seeing how much we can learn from some situations we experience.

5. Love yourself and give yourself lots of pampering

We could not end these strategies about turning the negative into positive without mentioning how important it is to love and pamper ourselves. Because if we do not do this, it will be almost impossible for us to see anything positive in what happens to us.

We always tend to interpret whether something is right or wrong depending on how others approve or not our behavior. We also leave our own well-being to others.

We must learn to prioritize ourselves, to give ourselves the value we deserve without anyone having to tell us, to love us without anyone coming to declare how much he loves us. It is time to take the reins of life and discover that the negative is only a matter of perspective.

Did not you ever think that making a mistake meant failure, to realize after it actually meant opportunity? Let us not fall victim to, nor suffer in vain.

Life is much simpler than we think, only that sometimes our thoughts guided by our emotions play tricks on us, they become ruminants and they cancel us out.

It’s time to turn the negative into positive, it’s time to start being truly happy.

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