The 5 types of happiness you can experience


Although we may seem very different, the types of happiness that we can experience when performing different activities are similar in one respect, and it is that they make us feel full. There are 5 different types of happiness that you can experience in different situations in which, surely, you had never thought. Did you think there was only one kind of happiness?

We all know that to be happy we must learn to be more present in the now, to move away from those past and future concerns that we cannot do anything about, to spend quality time with our loved ones and to travel and enjoy life in a way Intense

Where do we have to pay real attention? In what situations does our happiness reside?

Types of happiness we all experience

1. Daily pleasurable experiences

Believe it or not, every day of our lives has many pleasurable experiences that make us feel positive emotions that lead to so-called happiness.

Do you have to do something extraordinary to achieve it? The truth is that no because if you remember well a well-known phrase, pleasure is sometimes found in the small things of the day today.

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We should only pay more attention and realize that exercising, enjoying that good coffee in the morning with its aroma or occupy our time reading or even carrying out a work project with many chances of success can give us that feeling of happiness.

2. The flow state

Surely you have experienced this state, but as the name does not sound anything you are, right now, a little lost. The flow or flow state occurs when you find yourself so immersed in an activity that you like to forget about time and what is happening around you.

Maybe it has happened to you sometimes if you paint if you are a writer if you do some manual activity … Anything you like a lot and abstract you can take you to this state.

This is the fruit of your pleasure. For example, if you like math you will feel flowing when performing operations or other types of exercises that include numbers and formulas.

This is one of the types of happiness that vary greatly depending on one person or another. In your case … what is it that causes the world around you to cease to exist?

3. Happiness in relationships

Humans are social beings, so building strong and healthy bonds with other people is very important to us. Although it is true that a dose of solitude is necessary for our well-being, having people around us who love us, whom we can trust and with whom to share great moments is something that will make us feel very good.

4. Achievement of objectives

Do you have an objective to fulfill? Is it connected to your values? These two elements achieved together constitute another of the types of happiness with which we can find.

Reaching that goal will enrich us, make us feel full, motivated and very happy with ourselves. It is a very positive development that, in addition, will generate an increase of our self-esteem.

5. Does your life have to mean?

Many people find themselves lost, discouraged and sad because their life is meaningless. This is sometimes the result of emotional gaps and unsolved problems that cause them to find themselves in a maze.

Being aware that we exist with a purpose, that we are not here to be and that we have a task is another of the types of happiness that we can experience.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what our path is. However, knowing that we are here for something like having a motivation to make our life something extraordinary will be indispensable to be happy.

We can all contribute something to this world. What do you contribute?

These 5 types of happiness are very important and being able to feel good in any of these 5 areas will be the maximum expression of the true balance that can exist in our life. Do you dare to be happy even in 5 different ways? Happiness is not reduced to a specific objective or to a complete situation. There are several places where she is waiting for us to find her. Let’s do it.

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